Goodbye Grey Review – Does It Work

GOODBYE GREY™ ANTI-GREY FORMULAGoodbye Grey is a health supplement produced in the UK by Bauer Nutrition and they proclaim it is “the most effective solution for the reversal of grey hair.”

The company produces a variety of health and beauty supplements, as well as weight loss and training aids.

They have been around for a while, and show every indication of being a reputable company, but that does not necessarily mean all their supplements have the power to do what they say they will; so let take a closer look at the product and see if the claims ring true.

Goodbye Grey is available exclusively from the Bauer Nutrition website – The product ships to all countries and the official website has been translated into several languages.

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Proposed Benefits

The manufacturers claim that a daily dose of just two Goodbye Grey capsules (taken with meals) will permanently remove grey hair without the need for any other treatments. Results should be visible in just a few weeks, and if and when all these benefits arise it will be attributable to essential nutrients the formulation contains.

All of this is probably enough to bring out the skeptic in most people, but recent scientific studies have proved that nutrition really does have an effect on hair color.

Key Ingredients – Whats In It

Vitamin B6 (10 mg)Folic Acid (400 mcg)
Biotin (300 mcg)Pantothenic acid (300 mg)
Zinc (10 mg)Catalase (5000 IU)
Horsetail Extract (100 mg)Saw Palmetto (300 mg)
PABA (200 mg)L-Tyrosine (200 mg)
Plant sterols (100 mg)Nettle root extract (100 mg)
Chlorophyll (10 mg)Barley grass juice powder (10 mg)
Fo-ti powder (10 mg)

That’s quite a lengthy list. It also looks like a promising list and, although some of the ingredients require further testing, a few of them have been tested and are proven to have the power to prevent grey hair.

  • Catalase:  An enzyme that occurs in many organisms that are exposed to oxygen. Catalase can prevent the process of oxidization and, for this reason; it is often used in food wrappers. Some studies show that oxidization may play an important role in causing hair to turn grey, so the inclusion of catalase here has obvious benefits
  • Vitamin B6:  Hair gets its color from a substance called melanin. If no melanin is present in the hair strand it is naturally white. A little melanin will turn it grey, and when an adequate supply of melanin is available the hair’s natural color can shine through. Scientific tests show that melanin production can be severely impaired if vitamin B6 is lacking from the diet.
  • Folic acid:  Known to assist the natural production of DNA and RNA. The body uses these important genetic building blocks to manufacture and repair body tissue of all kinds, including the hair.
  • Biotin:  Also known as vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, biotin is of crucial importance to the correct growth of the hair and nails. A severe lack of biotin can result in a lack of hair; so it is often used as an ingredient in hair restorers.

Goodbye Grey Customer Feedback

Customer feedback was unavailable at the time of this review, but this could be due to the fact that their official site is the only sales channel available.  Although some positive feedback would have provided a valuable insight into the formulation’s possible merits, nobody is saying anything bad about it either; so that could be seen as an (almost) point in its favour.

Possible Side Effects and Health Issues

Goodbye Grey is not suitable for use by pregnant or nursing mothers or people under 18-years-old.  Anyone who has known health issues should consult a medical practitioner prior to use.

Will it do what is Says on the Tin?

Grey hair is such an accepted part of life that it has always been seen as inevitability that everyone must face sooner or later.

Science has shown that this may not be the case. External factor can and do affect the hair, none more so than diet, and the Goodbye Grey formulation contains an impressive mix of ingredients that should prevent the nutritional deficiencies that can so often attribute to early greying of the hair.

It also seems likely that the inclusion of catalase may prevent the hair from turning grey due to oxidation. Will the product live up to the hype? In this case the chances of it are very good and the presence of a generous 60 day money back guarantee ensures the customer has nothing to lose by giving it a try, and everything to gain.


Where To Buy

Bauer seem to restrict sales to their official website, and a bottle of 90 capsules costs £44.95 and should last about six weeks. Bulk buying incentives are not available, but Bauer offer free international shipping on orders over £50. The company also provides an impressive 60 day money back guarantee.

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